The Unity Seed


In the Great, Eternal Cosmic Ocean...

All is One.

Born of source light Unity

Viewed through the veil of duality.

Stardust essence energy

In endless spiraling rhythms of vibration.

We are One in Unity

Boundless drops in the sea of infinity

Adrift in the universe of limitless diversity

Realize the self singing sweet serenity…

Peace begins within.

Like the rustle of the leaves in the whisper of the wind...

Trust. Let go. Allow

The symphony of forces converging Here and Now.

Through stillness and storm

Light and shadow of our soul

Accept the seasons of the heart as destiny unfolds.

Surrender to the stream flowing gently to the sea

As the hand of Life shall release us peacefully.

Embrace death as a dear, old friend

Safe in the wisdom that this journey never ends…

We are One in Unity

Boundless drops in the sea of infinity

The essence of our being lives eternally

Realize the truth and the truth shall set us free...

Spirit is Freedom, soaring through the sky

Gift of the divine which gives us wings to fly

Through freedoms door of imagination

Lie the infinite realms of All Creation.

For Freedom is the fertile ground from which our dreams may grow

And Freedom is the greatest gift that we shall ever know.

As humanity united under the sun

We are free to explore all peaceful paths to the One.

Unlock the key, truly to be free

Heed the sacred call of Responsibility.

Listen to the guidance which whispers from within

And the buds of timeless truths inside shall blossom brightly open.

In sincere devotion through our thoughts, words and deeds

We seek constantly impeccability.

Honoring the temple of body, mind, soul

On the altar of community in service to the whole.

May the prayers of our actions align in highest duty

To co-create a space of love and ever growing beauty.

Committed to the generations of our legacy

As stewards of the living land in conscious harmony.

All is Aware in the infinite creation

Dancing fractal patterns of manifestation.

Ripples of the waves and voice of the breeze

Molecules and single cells to stars and galaxies...

Luminous threads of intelligent intent

Weave the fabric of existence in a symbiotic web.

The silent strength of mountains meets the deepest roots of trees

As the smiling faces of flowers greet with ecstasy the bees.

The mirror of an open heart reflects loves light from the inner sun

Unto the family of life in rapturous compassion.

We are One in the spirit of Divinity

Boundless drops in the sea of infinity

The same awareness shares in endless dreams

Realize the eye which lies between…

Thank you, Great Spirit, for this complete Divine Perfection

We stand in awe and Gratitude in the heartbeat of connection.

Sow the seeds of Love; watch our garden grow

Celebrate the blessings of the precious gifts bestowed.

Supported by Earth; of crystal caves and fertile fields

We share the great abundance of your sustaining yields.

Feel the flow of Water; rising tides and falling rains

Ocean of emotion running through our veins.

Breathe deeply the Air; constant cleansing breeze

Joyous bliss of union in renewal and release.

Inspired by Fire; flame of will in action

Radiate transformation with the purity of passion.

As the bright rays of dawn fade the night into day

Realize the smile of the light inside to illuminate the Way…