Our Vision is a world where the truth of Unity has been realized by all. Where humanity lives in Peace with the Freedom to explore our hearts’ highest callings. Our mission is to create environments where the realization of our Oneness can be awakened and sustained through ceremony, meditation and the celebration of daily life. We align individuals, organizations and communities of common vision onto a platform of collective intention. Through this expanding network we actively promote Peace as both a personal practice and the fundamental basis of our relations. By empowering people to cultivate a state of personal sovereignty, we create a framework of Freedom in which our Divine birthrights as sovereign human beings of Planet Earth are cherished and protected.


  The Universal Alliance is an open source spiritual collective designed to bring together individuals, organizations, businesses and communities into conscious coherence. Our objective is to create environments where the unfolding of unity consciousness can be catalyzed, both individually and collectively. The ideals aligning our aim provide a platform for unification, bridging the traditions of our diverse earth into a framework of freedom and harmonious coexistence. These seeds of intention outline an art of living transcending continents, cultures and centuries, joining the many paths leading to One. From a foundation of common vision arises a vast network of human beings embodying a new global culture of love, trust, responsibility and transparency.

  As sovereign people of planet Earth we remember the abundant paradise which is our Divine birthright. Allied in sincerity through Unity, Peace and Freedom we activate these intentions in community. We envision a network of sustainable spaces where the elements of life supporting our highest aspirations may flourish. Bringing together the principles of permaculture, local artisan production, education, music, art, spiritual awareness, sustainable energy solutions and natural wellness modalities, we utilize all tools and resources available to us while honoring and cherishing the natural world as a part of ourselves. We celebrate the freedom to explore all peaceful practices which guide us to union with our boundless and infinite nature, creating places for this realization to be sustained and embodied in everyday life. Motivated by the highest callings of the heart, our work and livelihood are labors of love as we happily share and exchange the gifts of the earth and wisdom of the ages. As grateful stewards of the planet, we take complete responsibility for our destiny, leaving the world a better place for the generations to come. On the path of sincere and humble service to Spirit each step brings us closer to our fully awakened human potential. Join us as we synergize our collective dreams to co-create Heaven On Mother Earth.